Acorna Manufacturing

Acorna Manufacturing

Aorna Manufacturing system is an excellent solution to maintain control over the production plans and over stock in orders t oprevent interference between orders and to determine exactly how much raw material is required to manufacture the required products.

1. Ability to define multiple manufacturing equations to manufacture the same item.
2. Recursive analysis depending on manufacturing equations which
enablesto define multi-stage manufacture process.

3. Multi-Packaging units with conversion to a standard unit.
4. Easy interface to enter the orders and select the manufacturing equation.

5. Identifying the ready orders for manufacturing to be included in the production plans.

6. Manage reservation for raw materials and ready final products.
7. Manage maintenance schedules for production lines to be considered in production plans.

8. Identifying shortage in raw materials to be purchased depending on undelivered orders.

9. Generate production vouchers, and delivery vouchers automatically from the system.

10. Comprehensive integration with stock and inventory.
11. Production lines setup and production line capacities.
12. Production Costing.
13. Manufacturing Forecasting.
14. Profit and Losses per Order.
15. Quality Control