Acorna Stations

Acorna Stations

Acorna Stations is a complete solution designed to control the cash and stock of fuel warehouses and automatically integrate them with accounting systems to generate all vouchers automatically.
The system provides a variety of reports which provide complete knowledge about profits, debt, stock, and many other reports.


1. The system was built especially for fuel stations to provide excellent features developed to fit their business

2. Provides an easy method to calculate the total number of sold liters depending on the readings of the pumps meters.

3. Calculates the total sales depending on the selling prices that are identified foreach type of fuel within specific time periods

4. Facilitates the processing of unloading fuel vehicles in the warehouses, and the process of transfer fuel between warehouses.

5. Follows up sales of fuels and getting the balance of each type of fuel in each warehouse.

6. Manages changing and calibration of the meters of fuel pumps.

7. Follows up on fuel coupons either prepaid or postpaid issued by petroleum refinery or by the fuel station.