Partnerships And Alliances


Because of the broad areas of information technology business and according to our tireless quest to cover the widest possible range of services, we have to hold alliances and partnerships with many prestigious international companies to provide the following systems, products and services:


Islamic Banking System

Islamic Banking System is a comprehensive integrated system that manage all operations of Islamic banks include Murabaha (installment sale at fixed profit), leasing ends with ownership, leasing described by disclosure, Salam (pay then buy), Istisnaa (pay to manufacture), Mudarabah (capital-labor partnership), current accounts, Zero-Interest loan, Tawarruq (sell in cash the goods purchased in installments), and current accounts, term deposits with the mandate to invest in any project, term deposits with the mandate to invest in specific projects, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, stock, money transfers, currency exchange, real-estate investments, and funding management. Also the system facilitates meeting the requirements of central banks, make adjustments, management of credit cards, issuing and paying checks and clearing with other banks, follow-up and manage operations of branches, Wakalah (power of attorney), bills of lading and credits, and other banking operations.


Business Process Management Systems

Business Processes is a sequence of human and system activities required to complete a business goal, they describe how tasks are structured, who performs them, their sequencing, how long they take and what information is required to complete them. The Singularity Process Platform is a Services Oriented Architecture System that contains four main components: The Builder, The Driver, The Monitor, and The Optimizer. This supports the entire life-cycle of business process management, from initial modeling, through execution, monitoring and optimization


Document Management Systems

DMS is state-of-the-art software for integrated document management; it can automatically process any type of document, regardless of its source, in addition to many other management functionalities which come with the savings in time, space and paper, and increased individual productivity. A document management system significantly improves the service provided to your customers. Since every employee always has access to the relevant information, customer inquiries can be addressed quickly and accurately.

Enterprise document workflow and broadcasting solution provides rich functionalities with comprehensive "Document Tracking" and "Document Broadcasting" capabilities, to enable all employees within the enterprises’ intranet to collaborate efficiently and effectively whilst maintaining absolute simplicity, security and accountability.