About Us

 An Overview

Our company’s name is derived from the mighty oak tree’s fruit the "acorn", whose seed grows steadily in its natural environment and forms a strong, fruitful tree that enriches the surrounding environment in a multitude of ways. Likewise, Acorna was created, and grew to form an established organization which provides its clients, and indeed the industry, with all their needs in the field of Information Technology.
Offering Customized Software solutions development, as well as Packaged Software products for multi-dimensional commercial use, we simply take your ideas and foster them until they become prosperous solution systems, just as the skillful farmer nurtures his seeds until they become strong, fruitful trees. 



We envision a future at the forefront of IT industry, both nationally and globally, whilst continuously advancing our knowledge and  expertise in the field.



Securing a distinctive environment that attracts distinguished personnel and releases their creative talents to provide our clients with high quality IT solutions, at the best value, ultimately ensuring they reach their full potential.


1. Securing a distinctive working environment dignies the 

2. Setting a glorified example for our colleagues all over the world.
3. Cementing our position at the forefront of the innovation field. 

4. Providing a specialized body of knowledge for technical consultations.

Corporate Objectives

In order to achieve the company's goals, we believe that  the following  corporate objectives must be accomplished:

 1. Meeting our client’s needs, expectations and   achieving maximum client satisfaction in order to gain and maintain their loyalty.

 2. Providing a wide range of reliable software solutions and products to cover as wide a range of clients businesses as possible.

 3. Achieving strategic partnerships with key clients in order  to  be their  main source of software services and products,  ultimately creating a loyal client base.

 4. Recruiting the best, highly-qualified employees in the field.

 5. Preserving a competent level in terms of remuneration  and promotions to attract the best personnel and  rewarding the  hardworking, devoted employees.

 6. Ensuring a friendly working atmosphere among all the employees.

 7. Ensuring the optimal utilization of the company's available resources in order to help achieve the mission  and goals of the company.

 8. Reserving ongoing development and observing the latest  innovations in the field of technological solutions.